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If you encounter one or many here s what you should know. Arrange a small plate with some sugar based food like honey syrup jam etc and some fried food like french fries or fried chicken.

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Scout ants the ants you see around your kitchen are the ants that bring back food to the rest of the colony.

Ants in kitchen spring. If you do not adequately clean up the sugar from your kitchen floor later on you will probably see an entire troop of ants marching in and out of your kitchen. The most important and easiest task you can do to keep ants at bay is to keep your home clean and tidy. Set out a pre bait in the areas of your house where you have seen the most amount of ant activity.

They re especially going to be more active this year because we had an unseasonably warm and mild winter followed by a warm and mild spring. Ant incidents spike in the spring and summer. Make your kitchen inhospitable to ants by coating previous ant entry points with homemade ant repellents such as two tablespoons of peppermint oil and a quart of water equal parts apple cider.

If you happen to spill sugar on the kitchen floor you may eventually see an ant. When temperatures warm up insects in general spike says bentley.

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