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Fish use their pharyngeal teeth for catching and eating prey by coming out at the right time and taking it inside. In the koi which lack teeth in the jaws the fifth is modified into the very strong tooth bearing pharyngeal bone.

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This positioning of the mouth on the underside of the head means that koi are referred to.

Do koi fish have teeth. These teeth are too far back for a person to ever be bit by a koi. With that being said however their teeth are far down their throat. Many of these changes are caused by pigments in their food.

Because koi usually feed from the bottom of their pond their mouths are ideally shaped to allow them to pick up food from the pond floor. Koi do not have a stomach but instead have a straight intestinal tract that will digest a meal within approximately 4 hours. Yes koi have 3 or 4 molars in the very back of their throats that are used for crushing shells insects and crustaceans.

Koi may change color throughout their lives. You will not be able to see your koi s teeth simply by looking into their mouths they re too far back in their throats. They function just like regular fish teeth like chewing and grinding food.

Koi carp have teeth right at the back of their throats not at the entrance to the mouth as you might expect. These teeth are used to chew up their food. Yes they are called pharyngeal teeth and to keep it very simple they are found at the back or end of the throat.

This is roughly sickle shaped expanded in the middle where the teeth are supported. The thing is we just never get a chance to see them as they re located way down past the gills at the back of the throat. They may be kept with other koi or goldfish as they are usually very docile.

The teeth point inward and upward and grind food against a gristly pad in the base of the skull. This makes it virtually impossible for a koi fish to actually chomp down on your fingers. A koi fish will grab its food through its mouth and chew the food up in its throat.

Koi fish in reality have a lot of teeth. Yes contrary to popular belief koi do in fact have teeth quite a lot of them too. So how do koi carp eat.

Koi do have teeth. In the archetypal fish there are 5 gill arches.

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