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Other signs your fish might be laying on the bottom of the tank include fins drooping or clamped and swimming off kilter. Usually when a fish crashes to the bottom of your tank he is in his last throws.

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If you notice that your fish is really slow and acting strange by staying continuously in the bottom then there will be an issue for sure.

Fish laying on bottom of tank. Fish who suddenly become huge are usually in the middle of some type of internal digestion problem. Check your water parameters. Many diseases can trigger this behavior or cause swimming issues including swim bladder disorder dropsy parasitic infections bacterial infections etc.

Pregnant swordtails might also prefer to stay low. So sitting at the bottom of the tank or in the corner lethargically is usually an indication that your fish isn t feeling well. Most goldfish if they are healthy will be swimming all over the place.

My fish is laying on the bottom of the tank still breathing and will go up and move but then it ll just go down and lay on the bottom of the tank what do i do. Ammonia nitrate nitrite 2. My fish is laying on the bottom.

If multiple fish show symptoms examine your water quality and take quick action to improve it. Most common is called dropy but it can be related to a number of bacterial infections. You may need to remove sick fish to a hospital tank to let them recover in a less stressful environment.

Stress can also be caused if other tankmates are bullying the fish. Determining what s wrong can help you get your fish back to normal if needed. Why do fish lay at the bottom of the tank.

One reason could be that the fish is under stress due to some disease or improper tank conditions. Why does a swordtail prefer to lie on the bottom of the tank. Fish lay at the bottom of the tank because of high ammonia content loud noise less oxygen disease stress trauma and when they want to rest.

Angel fish lying on it side on the bottom of tank by welsby 12 years ago on tropical fish i have a marble angel fish the body is the size of the palm of my hand this morning i put the tank light on to find the angel lying on its side at the bottom of the tank as soon as i lifted the lid to feed the fish he swam to the top to eat the food. If your guppy fish is sick you may find it laying at the bottom motionless or having difficulty swimming or breathing.

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