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I used tetra fungus guard on tuesday but its been two days theres no change. It s most likely that your fish have ich if they display the following symptoms.

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It didnt seem like ick because its been 6 days now and other 2 are not infected.

White spots on fish not ich. None of them lived but the fry of a pregnant molly survived the fish i have now and have had for almost a year. These white dots are usually between 0 5 to 1 5mm in size. Scratching and itching is one of the early warning signs of ich.

This is because a single spot does not necessarily confirm your fish is suffering from ich. Fish that has ich has white spots that resemble salt grains in size and colour. Fish will have white round dots attached to their gills and or body.

The spot appears one by one therefore it is hard to tell if your fish has ich in its early stages. Loss of appetite and or lethargy moderate. The white spots are randomly scattered on the fish s gills fins and body.

I did a gravel cleaning last week and nextday my white and orange fancy fish got white stuff visible spots on its tail. I would treat with a methylene blue bath combined with aap fungus cure acriflavin or possibly aap kordon fish therapy. As for the white spots these do not look like classic ich aka white spot disease or best.

I ve had a 10 gallon tank of dalmatian mollies almost a year now. Even though these spots do not look like the ich spots i dealt with back in sept and even though i have added no new stock since 12 4 and even though no other fish are showing signs because i treated with prazi pro on 12 16 and because i trust you guys i m going to go with your collective diagnosis and treat for ich. Affected fish may try to scratch themselves on rocks and hardscape in the aquarium.

Clamping the fins against the body advanced. I have a 55 g tank n three small goldfish. Just recently i noticed on two of my fish there are 10 total there are these strange white spots on their bodies.

Ichthyophthirius multifilis these white lesions nodules look more like a fungus. Scratching or rubbing against aquarium substrate or decor. Before that i had a variety of fish that went through a terrible ich episode.

Small white spots or dots that appear overnight on the gills gill covers body head or fins.

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